At the heart of your SAM for Compliance system are the Workplans.

Here you determine how well you are complying with the requirements of your selected standards and have the ability to create Notes, Actions and Tasks to help manage your improvement process.  Exemptions and Exceptions are also able to be assigned from this page and you can assign responsibility for the requirement.

Where Notes, Actions, Tasks, Exceptions and Exemptions have already been assigned the text is bold and capitalised.

The requirement completion status is fully customisable per system subscription.  In the example above it is percentage based, but any five tier maturity model can be assigned.

For each requirement you assign your completion status and the colour bar displays accordingly.  If it is black you may still need to assess this requirement.

If there is a requirement that simply doesn't apply to your environment create an Exemption.  The  colour bar will show grey, the scoring is adjusted so that the requirement has no impact on the overall compliance status, and the requirement is added to the Exemption Register so that you can track and report on the Exemptions that have been set. You must delete the Exemption before you can assign a new status.

On the other hand, if there is a requirement that you accept, but there are short or long term barriers to compliance, you may treat it as an Exception. Like Exemptions, each Exception requires an explanation and authorisation name before it gets added to the Exception Register. Within the Workplan the colour bar shows black and the scoring is adjusted so that the requirement contributes zero to the Workplan completion status. You must delete the Exception before you can assign a new completion status.

From within the Workplan it is easy to assign Actions and Tasks against a requirement to help you manage the process of improvement