Actions and Tasks

Driving the improvement process within SAM for Compliance systems are the integrated Action and Task Managers.

The Action Manager is accessible by clicking on the links next to each requirement within the workplans.  This allows you to see the actions assigned to this specific requirement.  You can also access the Action Manager from the main menu where you will see all actions that have been created.

Sort and filter capabilities are integrated into both the Action and Task Managers so that you can quickly display the actions that are important to you today.  Where Tasks have also been assigned to a specific requirement a link appears so that you can easily access these from within the Action Manager.

Actions added from within a workplan automatically get associated with a specific workplan requirement - or, if required, you can add generic freeform actions (e.g. Actions that are not associated to specific work plan requirements) directly from the Action Manager.

Once a Task is set, send the person assigned the task a notification email directly from SAM for Compliance. You also have the option to set an automated reminder email just so they don't forget.