Self Assessment and Management for Compliance

SAM for Compliance Systems build on industry defined standards and incorporate controls from multiple standards to provide overarching controls for the minimization of risk to the organization.

SAM-Security, uses CIS Controls as its base and incorporates further controls from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. SAM-Security is oriented towards the management and protection of systems.

SAM-Protect, fully incorporating NIST SP 800-171, the standard for protection of controlled unclassified information, is a system for organisations wishing to assess, manage, remediate and report on controls for the protection of information.

SAM-Custom is our "Bring Your Own Standard" service. If you have an internal standard that you wish to manage we can incorporate its requirements within the SAM for Compliance engine for your organization's exclusive use. Our quick and effective service can turn piles of paper and spreadsheets into an effective and easy to use system for your ongoing compliance management.

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