SAM for Compliance is a cloud based service to simplify compliance management to standards. SAM is html5 compliant and is mobile device friendly. Intuitive user interfaces assist you through the assessment processes and dynamically input data to a variety of reports for up-to-the minute status information. These are standard for all of our frameworks

  • Overview

    Our simple dashboard gives you and your audit or compliance team an at-a-glance perspective on how well you are complying with the selected standard at a high level. Drill down features quickly and easily highlight compliance in depth

  • Assessment

    SAM for Compliance uses an intuitive workplan system to walk you through the assessment process so you can quickly identify your current status, gaps, quantify your risks and ascertain your compliance with documented requirements      

  • Actions

    Action Manager assists with achieving and managing compliance especially in larger projects

  • Tasks

    A task generator with email capabilities allows you to assign tasks to specific persons and track completion

  • Report

    The system includes a variety of colour-coded reports as well as great sorting and filtering functions              

  • Track

    See your improvement over time with this graphical representation of the Category totals collected monthly