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Get the cybersecurity basics sorted out to protect your small business from attack and fraud

With over 25 years experience in managing small businesses, and the same amount of time working in the cybersecurity sector, we truly understand the challenges that face small business when it comes to protecting information, your business, and your reputation with clients.  In today's world everyone is a target and small businesses are not immune from attack from cyber criminals, in fact they are more vulnerable due to a lack of knowledge of cybersecurity issues and general lack of available resources.

The SAM-Small Business system draws on our experience and gives you a set of simple-to-implement actions that will help reduce the level of cybersecurity risk in your business or organisation by up to 80%.

It will take a bit of effort on your part, and you may need some assistance from an IT support organisation to implement some of the requirements. We won't charge you a lot for the use of this system because we really do understand small business.

SAM-Small Business is a web based application accessible from your computer or mobile device. Our easy to understand colourful Dashboard gives you an overview of how well your cybersecurity improvement programme is progressing. Within the system we'll even tell you how you have been trending over time.

Drilling down from the dashboard takes you the the various Categories that make up your cybersecurity improvement programme. Colour coded markers show the areas where you need to focus your activities.

The individual Workplans document the essential items that you need to consider as part of your plan. You can create and monitor Actions within the Workplans, and assign Tasks to yourself or others so that you keep on track.

We've based the Workplan requirements on best industry practice, including our experience in helping develop and manage international cybersecurity standards. We've omitted items that small businesses would be unable to achieve due to resource restraints to leave you with a set of simple, pragmatic action items that will protect your information and systems and help reduce risk.

The overall picture of how well you are doing is available within your Full Compliance Report. Use this to demonstrate how well you are protecting your information and systems, and the information that you hold about other organisations and individuals.

Get your Cybersecurity improvement plan underway today. A SAM-Small Business Subscription costs US$175 per year or, for New Zealand customers the cost is NZ$250 + GST per year. We accept payment via credit card through our payment gateway.

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