A tool to help achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was developed to encourage and enhance cardholder data security and facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures globally.

PCI DSS provides a baseline of technical and operations requirements designed to protect account data and applies to all entities involved in payment card processing, including merchants, processors, acquirers, issuers and service providers. PCI DSS also applies to all other entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data.

SAM-PCIDSS is a cloud based tool that assists organisations assess their compliance with the PCIDSS Standard, create and manage Actions and Tasks to work toward full compliance, track improvement along the way, and produce easy to understand Reports on how well you are doing to date.

SAM-PCIDSS Management Methodology

SAM-PCIDSS tracks compliance against all of the defined requirements within the PCIDSS Standard and provides a Dashboard overview of compliance with the major functions of the standard:-

  • Security
  • Protection
  • Vulnerability Program
  • Access Controls
  • Monitoring
  • Policy

    SAM-PCIDSS breaks these overarching requirements down into the twelve individual PCI DSS Categories and, for each of these categories, gives you a clear understanding of how effective your current processes, procedures and technology deployments are at meeting controls within the PCI-DSS standard.

    At the base level of SAM-PCIDSS are Workplans with individual requirements that are precisely mapped and referenced to the individual requirements within the PCI-DSS standard. Establishing the level of completeness within these Workplans allows you to develop an overall picture of how effective your PCI-DSS related controls are, and quickly identifies areas that need extra activity.

    The Workplan requirements precisely match the PCI-DSS audit requirements allowing the organization to understand how well it might perform under external review.

    In common with all of the SAM for Compliance systems, integrated Action and Task Managers help you through the remediation and improvement process while our comprehensive reporting functionality enables you to easily communicate your compliance status with your Executives or compliance bodies.