Cybersecurity in Non-Profit Organisations

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Donor data and program data are critical information assets - Protect your organisation from ransomware and malware!

Those who work in the service of others shouldn’t have to worry about losing donor data, or having services interrupted for clients and patients. As a not-for-profit you need to have full knowledge of where your cybersecurity protections are adequate or where there are gaps. When you need to show a new partner or donor how well you comply with cybersecurity standards you can do so quickly and easily with SAM’s real-time reporting.

Using SAM for Compliance to manage Cybersecurity Risk in Non-Profits

Where IT and cybersecurity are concerned what are some of your greatest challenges as a not-for-profit? - Resources, skills, time and money?    Could the greatest challenge be getting a plan underway?    Sometimes just starting can seem impossible. SAM-Nonprofit is a web based application accessible from your computer or mobile device. Our easy to understand, colourful Dashboard gives you an overview of how well your cybersecurity improvement programme is progressing. Within the system we'll even tell you how you have been trending over time.

We've based the requirements on industry best practice, including our experience in helping develop and manage international cybersecurity standards. We've omitted items that nonprofits would be unable to achieve due to resource restraints to leave you with a set of simple, pragmatic action items that will protect your information and systems and help reduce risk.

Here is the good news;  with SAM-Nonprofit, for about the price of lunch each day, you can assess, track, monitor and report in real-time, your ability to protect information assets from cyber-attack. We can have you up and running in no time and the system is easy and intuitive to use.


Smaller Nonprofits can take advantage of the same robust features in a Lite version

Nonprofits, like other businesses are not one-size-fits-all and neither is SAM. For smaller nonprofits that have less than 20 computers, we have SAM-Nonprofit Lite, a version that still provides the essential areas that will show you how well you protect your information assets, but has less requirements and a reduced footprint.

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