SAM for Compliance Dashboards

Each SAM for Compliance system has a Dashboard at its top level representing compliance status at the Function level.  This represents your overall compliance status.

Information from underlying categories, workplans and requirements is aggregated and displayed at this Function level.  Updates at the lower levels automatically display at this level giving you real-time status information. Each gauge indicates how the work that you have done so far contributes to each of the functional goals.

The number of functions displayed and the title of each gauge varies from standard to standard and, where practical, we prefer to use the NIST Cyber Security Framework function descriptors.  

Access to the Trend Charts for each of the Functions is available from the Dashboard.  These track and display progress over time in the form of a graph.   Click on one of the gauges to drill down to Category level to view a breakdown of each Function.

The Menu

Our easy to use menu provides quick access to each of the major sections within SAM for Compliance.

The menu content is dependent on the access you provide to each of your users. Options are view (view only) and user (functional). The Assessor role can also be attributed to specific users. Through the user management console, you decide who can modify the system, view information and perform assessments.  Your Primary User, set up at the time your account is created, has the ability to manage user accounts.