Self Assessment and Management for Compliance

SAM for Compliance is a cloud based service to help manage compliance with standards. Explore our compliance based information security systems. We place a security and compliance expert on your desktop.


Our simple dashboard gives you an "at-a-glance" perspective on how well you are complying with the selected standard and drilling down from there rapidly identifies where work is required. Clearly identifiable colour coded markers instantly show which items in your security framework need to be prioritised.


SAM for Compliance helps you understand your operational environment and how well you are meeting your operational goals. Our online workplans, designed around specific standards, take you through the assessment process in an easy to follow manner.


Trend graphs mapped to important categories within the SAM for Compliance system help you keep track over a period of time and demonstrate how well you are improving, or highlight areas that are lagging behind.


Actions may be required to improve operational effectiveness and compliance. Actions can be added from within the SAM for Compliance workplans or freeform actions can be added from within the Action Manager.  The online workbook format helps you track these through to completion and good filtering functionality enables you to search and display by multiple criteria


SAM for Compliance includes a task generator so that you can assign tasks to specific people and allows you to track whether these have been completed. Tasks are tagged to the requirements within a workplan and where actions and tasks have both been assigned, a link is displayed within the action register. Actions and tasks work independently from each other but can be used in conjunction with each other where several tasks may be assigned to complete an action.


Reports and built into the SAM for Compliance system to provide your actual, real-time status at a variety of levels including the dashboard overview, category level reporting, full compliance report and management status report. These reports help management, executives and board members to understand your compliance status in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Operational level reports provide information on exceptions, exemptions, unassessed items and notes. 

Pre Defined Standards or Custom Built

We support a number of standards in their pure form, as well as systems derived from standards which are designed to further enhance the protection of information and systems. If you have an internal or external standard that we have not yet incorporated into SAM for Compliance, we are able to build a custom system for you.